As your Representative, I will work to:

Create an equitable funding stream to educate our children and support social services.

I will work with both sides of the aisle to craft a funding stream for the State of Washington.

A first step is to close tax loopholes that leave potential revenue uncollected. For example, collecting taxes on bottled water (which is not food), on home telephone lines, and on extracted fuel (petroleum) used in the refining process would bring in millions of dollars each biennium. HB 1239, the Tax Exemption Transparency and Accountability Act, has been proposed to the Legislature to examine WA State’s tax expenditures. I would support this.

Provide more treatment for people living with mental illness or struggling with addictions.

A sustainable funding stream can enable WA State to provide beds for treatment that are available when people need them, and case management to help people build healthy lives. Housing is a key to safety and stability in recovery and to maintain mental health. Our population is aging, and more people in coming decades will need affordable housing and care. We can prepare now by creating more housing resources and encouraging youth and young adults to pursue careers in health, recreation, and caregiving.

Promote renewable energy and conservation to address climate change.

We know that the carbon footprint in our society has lasting impact on our air, water, and soils. We can increase use of solar energy, and restore tax incentives for residential solar panels that were not renewed in this past year’s session.  Explore additional renewable resources, and teach our children to conserve energy at home and in the community.  We can expand public transportation and plan to repair and replace aging infrastructure before accidents or tragedy occurs because of deferred maintenance on roads and bridges.

We need to include the consequences of more precipitation and higher temperatures in our long-term planning for zoning and development, especially near the rivers and shores of the 10th LD.  Puget Sound is an invaluable resource at our doorstep – let’s continue to keep it clean!

Respect equity and opportunity for all who reside in Washington State.

The 10th Legislative District is home to a very diverse population – people from many countries, different walks of life, orientation and identity, cultural heritage – including those who have recently grown their roots here, and families have been here for generations and thousands of years. As our population grows, let us bring this region together in forward-thinking, collaborative ways that encourage prosperity and wellness for all who live in this beautiful part of the Northwest.